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Limo Hiring: 5 Ways To Have The Most Fun

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Renting a limousine service for an evening is pretty much guaranteed fun, but you can amp it up even further. Pick out some refreshing drinks, great tunes, and throw in a few floral leis and you won’t even want to leave your seat.

Hiring a limousine service for an evening is a fun way to explore the city, arrive at a swanky event, or just have a blast doing something out of the ordinary. There are several ways you can have fun while driving in style, but you’ll have to a put a bit of thought into it beforehand. Here are five ways you can ensure a night to remember.

Stock it up!

One of the best parts of hiring a limousine service is stocking up the fridges. Most will allow you to BYO beverages and snacks, while others offer packages to hire. Champagne is a popular choice, as are spirits with mixers. For something unique, try a selection of local wines (but maybe skip this if you’re on your way to a wine tour). Cheese, crackers, and sweets make fun and mess-free munchies.
If you’re going to prom, you will have to skip the champagne, but you can still request your favourite fizzy drinks, some sparkling non-alcoholic cider, or some fun pre-mixed virgin versions of cocktails like margaritas and mudslides. Don’t forget to include some snacks to re-energise after a night of dancing.


Even if your ride is short, you’ll want to set the mood with some party music. Ask the driver to crank it up. Roll down the windows or stick your head out of the moon roof for a movie-moment. Most limousine service companies come equipped with the latest gadgets and sound systems, meaning you can plug in your mp3 player and shuffler your favorite play list with ease. While any song you love will do, iconic limo jams include “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “You Shook Me All Night Long,” “Don’t Stop Believing,” and anything by Lady Gaga.


If you’re traveling with a group of people, one way to create a connection and unify everyone is by handing out some fun party favours. Hats, sunglasses, necklaces such as leis or beads, or personalised shot glasses are all inexpensive and easy ways to get the party started. If you’re planning on making multiple stops, this will also help you keep track of friends in crowded clubs. Favours are a must for bachelor and bachelorette parties, but can be used for any other upbeat occasion.


One of the best parts about renting a limousine service is belting out “Sweet Caroline” while the other passengers chime in on the chorus. Many companies provide these karaoke entertainment systems, and some even have video game consoles and DVD players. Be sure to share in the fun equally so the other passengers don’t become bored or antsy. If you are a proud microphone hog, then just ensure the cocktails are flowing and nobody will even notice after a while.


One of the best parts about a limo ride is exiting the car (although this can be tricky). People are always eager to see who is sitting inside a limo, so be sure to dress your best to wow any waiting bystanders. Girls may want to be careful with their dress length, as preserving modesty can prove difficult.

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