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The Fastest Limos of the World “Ferrari”

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Ferrari is one of the brands that are also said as the epithet of speeds and styles. This time the company has exposed the magic of their superior and splendid techniques to please the royal and luxurious limo lovers. The limousine is one of the leading and dynamic matter for Ferrari company and they have this time produced a marvel which has been the most thunderous and thrilling experience for the limo buyers. The latest model of Ferrari is said to be the World Record creator and the longest model of the company. Have a glimpse and review of these astonishing and awesome models of Ferrari.

Ferrari is the brand maker in the world market of autos. They are considered as the speed makers as well, they are the leaders and so on. Now it holds the first most position in the world for its speed factor. Among the animals the Horse is known for its strength and the speed it runs in. Horse is the most preferred animal when the question of race comes in the picture. The brand name of Ferrari has a logo of horse picture carved on it which indicates that the speed of the car will be the same what the horse provides with on the race ground attached with the feel of comfort and a sense of excellence in the drive provided by the Ferrari has brought to give. No doubt the company is doing nice in all the autos related fields but it has a shiny star with it as it has a factor of speed in its sporty cars where speeds matters without which none is bound to shine. Limos offering a deep feel of large passenger carrying capacity with a higher speed to provide with. When these are resourced with one another a new product named “excellence passenger speed vehicle” is developed without which the world won’t serve excellence in speed with larger passenger carrying capacity.

Ferrari has launched their first ever stretch limousine. This mesmerising beauty is designed by one of the world’s most famous auto designer Dan Cawley. This is the model which was awaited since couple of years as the Ferrari fans was demanding a stretched limo since long and this demand is fulfilled in style and passion by the world’s largest auto makers. The additional trustworthy thing which reveals the standard of Ferrari more revealed and released is that the model is created with the technology that was used by the technicians while creating the most popular McLaren SLR Super car. This model is revealed in quite unique and ultimate ways as the Canadian Discovery Channel has shot this magnificent car in style and also has published the same with the Chauffeur Magazine which is one of the most popular global automotive magazines.

Another prestigious detail of this model is that quite soon this model is going to get entered in the Guinness Book of World Record as the most technically advanced limousines built till date. The Ferrari Limo is offered some of the most peculiar and pivotal features into it. This world class limousine has broken all the records that are required and demanded by the limo lovers. Here in this model the speeds and the styling are also focused with utmost care and concern by the engineers. The dimension of the model is also quite dynamic as the engineers’ claims that this is the largest Ferrari Limo in the market and henceforth it has been given huge focus of the limo lovers. This Ferrari Limo is 23 feet long with the engine that can produce more than 400 bhp that can make the model flying on the streets. There are different speed units and this model can achieve 0-60 mph in less than six seconds with the top most speeds of 170mph.

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